What is a Dental Emergency?  

Knowing whether a dental problem requires urgent care can be challenging. This is especially true when it occurs outside of regular office hours. 

At Southern Oaks Dental Center, we prefer that patients err on the side of caution and seek emergency dental care in Beaumont, TX as soon as possible. Here are three common reasons why our dental patients request immediate care.

Knocked Out a Tooth? We May Be Able to Save It!

If you or a family member lose a permanent tooth due to facial trauma, your emergency dentist may be able to reattach it if you act quickly. Please contact our Beaumont dental practice immediately and try to get here in under two hours. The possibility of saving the tooth decreases significantly after that.

You can place a clean tooth back into the gum line, press it down into the socket, and bite down on a gauze pad to secure it until you arrive. When the knocked out tooth is dirty or in pieces, pick it up by the crown and place it in a small container of cold milk. Taking this action helps to preserve the tooth on your trip to the dentist.

Although we don’t attempt to reinsert primary teeth that children knock out prematurely, it is still important for your child to receive treatment. Dr. Seale will insert a space maintainer in the empty spot on your child’s gums to preserve the space for the future permanent tooth.

Lost Filling or Crown

If you lose a restoration and can see where it went, place it in a clean container and schedule an appointment right away. You can place chewing gum on the spot of the lost restoration to minimize discomfort.

Severe Tooth Pain

When you have tried everything you can think of to relieve a toothache without success, it’s time to see our emergency dentist. Our team will determine the cause of the tooth pain and recommend an immediate treatment plan to help you start feeling better quickly.

Your Dental Emergency May Be Different

You may still need to visit our emergency dentist in Beaumont, TX, even if you don’t see your specific issue described here. Please call us at 409-835-6257 and we will help you decide if immediate treatment is appropriate.


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