Unhappy With Your Smile? 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Can Help

Cosmetic dentistry can change your smile in big and small ways. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, it’s important to know what you can do to make a change. At Southern Oaks Dental Care, we offer teeth whitening, dental bonding and dental veneer services. Here’s what you need to know about these important cosmetic dentistry procedures in Beaumont TX.

1. Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth turn from white to yellow to brown. This is a natural reaction to exposure to staining foods and drinks. Most people prefer white teeth, but aren’t sure what they can do to achieve whiter, brighter teeth.

Professional teeth whitening can make your teeth several shades whiter. With this safe, effective cosmetic dentistry procedure, you can enjoy more attractive teeth that are the same shade as the teeth you had when you were a child. You may be a good candidate for dental whitening if you have healthy teeth and gums, and good oral hygiene habits. Talk to your dentist at Southern Oaks Dental Care to learn more.

2. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a type of resin that attaches to the tooth enamel and covers up cosmetic defects like stains, chips and cracks. Dental bonding can last up to 10 years and it looks completely natural. Bonding is maintained with the normal tooth brushing procedures. Talk to your dentist to learn more about dental bonding.

3. Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are false fronts that are placed on the front of the teeth. Like bonding, veneers are designed to cover up cosmetic defects, like stains and discolorations. Veneers look completely natural and can last up to 15 years with good care. Talk to your dentist to find out whether dental veneers or dental bonding is a better fit for your needs.

Find Out More About Cosmetic Dentistry Today in Beaumont, TX

At Southern Oaks Dental Care, we’re happy to provide our patients with cosmetic dentistry services that make the difference. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to our patients. To learn more about taking care of your teeth with cosmetic dentistry, call your dentist in Beaumont TX today.

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