How Excess Drinking Affects Oral Health

Excessive alcohol consumption has serious harmful consequences for your oral health. If you have an issue with excessive drinking, you will likely also develop oral health issues. Alcohol can have adverse effects on your teeth, gums, and tongue. Be sure to consult with your Beaumont, TX dentist for help with any of the conditions noted below.


Heavy alcohol consumption causes a decrease in saliva production, which limits the ability to clean the mouth with its antibacterial properties. Saliva helps in washing away any sugar, bacteria, or plaque, which helps keep the mouth healthy. Consuming alcohol excessively causes the mouth to dry, making it a fertile ground for the bacteria to thrive while increasing the chances of an infection.

Dental Erosion

Heavy alcohol consumers tend to have increased teeth degradation. The continued use of alcohol over a prolonged duration causes the oral cavity and the teeth to be acidic. This causes the surface of the enamel to dissolve, which increases the vulnerability of the teeth to damage from actions such as clenching and brushing.

Gum Disease (Periodontitis)

Excessive consumption of alcohol is linked to gum disease, also known as periodontitis. This disease is caused by the growth of bacteria in the mouth, which feed on the sugars from the consumed alcohol. The bacteria causes irritation, bad breath, swelling and bleeding. In its advanced stages, periodontitis can result in tooth loss and loose gum tissue. Heavy drinking is also known to influence the microbiome of the mouth, which could lead to gingivitis. Alcohol causes reduced salivary excretion, increasing the risk of getting gingival disease and dental caries.

Tongue Inflammation (Glossitis)

Heavy drinking is associated with inflammation of the tongue and gingiva or inflammation of the mouth corner, also referred to as angular cheilitis. The initial signs of this condition are characterized by a tongue that is smooth and painful. In its advanced stages, the tongue develops a burning sensation leading it to develop a deep red coloring. As the condition progresses, you will also experience painful cracks at the mouth’s corners.

In order to take care of your dental hygiene, it is essential to reduce alcohol intake and maintain proper dental care. Contact your dentist in Beaumont, TX for more information about your oral health.

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