Composite Dental Fillings – What Are They, and How Long Do They Last?

One of the most common procedures patients need when they visit a general dentist in Beaumont, TX is dental fillings. Additionally, one of the most common types of dental fillings is composite fillings. If you have a cavity in one of your teeth and the dentist says you need a composite filling, you may be curious about the material used, the procedure, and more. Below is a closer look at these standard fillings and what you may want to know as a patient.

A Closer Look at Composite Fillings

Amalgam (metal) fillings were once the most common type of dental fillings. However, today, composite fillings have grown to be even more common. This filling material consists of resins and plastics that are used to place inside a drilled opening in a tooth to protect the area from further decay. The material is soft and malleable until it cures, which is often done with a UV light while in the dentist’s chair.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

There are a number of reasons why composite fillings are preferred today for most patient treatment scenarios. A few benefits of composite fillings include:

  • The material can be shaded to match the color of natural teeth, so they’re not visible
  • The material is relatively resilient and can last for several years without issues
  • The material can be used to repair even large cavities or points of decay
  • The material can be more cost-effective than something like ceramic and provide the same look

How Long Can You Expect Composite Fillings to Last?

Dental fillings in general have the potential to last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Composite resin fillings, specifically, usually last about seven years with adequate oral health care and hygiene. Composite fillings are not quite as resilient as amalgam, but still resilient enough to be a good option for teeth that are visible when you smile.

Talk to a Beaumont, TX Dentist About Dental Fillings

The type of dental fillings recommended for your teeth may vary depending on factors like the size of the damage, your everyday habits, and even your insurance. If you would like to know more about the types of dental fillings available, be sure to talk to a Beaumont, TX dentist for insight. Reach out to the team at Southern Oaks Dental Care with questions.


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