How Is an Endodontist Different from an Orthodontist?

It’s easy to think of dentists as a general category of a profession. However, the truth is that oral care is a complex field, one that requires people to specialize in certain kinds of care. If you’re looking for dentists in Beaumont, TX that can handle a number of disorders, learn more about how endodontists differ from orthodontists and what that means for you.

What Is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is someone who will work to align the teeth and jaw. When your teeth are spaced correctly, it does more than fix your smile. Crooked teeth can affect everything from your bite to the number of cavities you have every year. Misaligned teeth are harder to clean and can put more pressure on the mouth every time you eat. An endodontist might design any number of treatment plans for their patients, including spacers, braces, headgear, or retainers.

What Is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a professional who specializes in the pulp of teeth. The inner tissue of a tooth is soft and sensitive, and if infected, the pain can be intense. An endodontist not only performs root canals but also helps people with traumatic injuries to the mouth. So if a tooth is knocked out or otherwise severely damaged, an endodontist might be the one to help in this situation.

What to Know About the Two

There is some degree of overlap when it comes to endodontists and orthodontists. Both will be able to perform many of the same treatments, but the two will have different skills and industry knowledge about different parts of the mouth. Much of the difference between dentists is a question of scale. For instance, a general dentist might only do one root canal a week, but an endodontist might perform 25 or even more.

Endodontics in Beautmont, TX

If you’re looking for an orthodontist or endodontist in Beaumont, TX, Southern Oaks Dental Care is here to help. Our professionals are able to complete a wide range of specialty care, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Specializing in a certain field means more exposure to different kinds of problems that can occur in the teeth and jaws. Contact us today for more information on our dentists.

Helping Your Teen Adjust to Their New Braces

Your teen needs braces to help align their teeth, but these dental implements can cause a little discomfort initially. If your teen is having a hard time, make sure you take a few minutes to try some things to help them out.

1. Encourage them to eat softer foods for a few days.

In the first few days after your teen gets their braces, it is a good idea if they eat softer foods. Mashed potatoes, ice cream, gelatin, soup, and even soft vegetables will be easier to chew. The teeth can feel a little pressure with the new brackets in place, and chewing hard foods can make the issue feel a bit worse.

2. Make sure your teen uses the wax for their braces.

Your teen will be given a small thing of wax that they can rub onto the brackets on their teeth if the edges are rubbing the inside of their lips. Even though the brackets are designed to be rounded and smooth, initially, the unusual contact can cause some irritation on tender skin.

3. Show them how to rinse with saltwater.

Rinsing with warm salt water can actually help with some of the soreness on the lips and gums. Saltwater pulls out excess fluid, which can help with inflammation and deter some of the pain in small swollen areas of the mouth. Using warm salt water can also soothe some of the pain.

4. Talk to the orthodontist about issues your child can’t overcome.

If your teenager continues to have problems even with all the tips and tricks, reach out to your orthodontist for advice. In some cases, minor adjustments can be made to help negate some negative symptoms. For example, if one bracket is causing a lot of pain, the dentist may be able to use a different type of bracket on that particular tooth.

Talk to Us About Braces for Your Teen

Getting braces can be a major life change for an adolescent, and you being on board with helping them make the transition is ever-important. If you have a teen that needs braces or is having problems with their braces, reach out to us at Southern Oaks Dental Care in Beaumont, Texas.