What You Should Know About Your Teen’s Wisdom Teeth

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you should know what to expect when it’s time for their wisdom teeth to make an appearance. Your family dentist in Beaumont, TX can answer all your questions regarding your child’s wisdom teeth.

When Should I Begin to Worry About My Teen’s Wisdom Teeth?

First, there’s no need to worry. If your teen has regular dental checkups, your family dentist will alert you when it’s time to address wisdom teeth. Usually, this happens during the middle teenage years, around 16 or 17. Most dentists will find wisdom teeth before they begin to cause problems because they’re very apparent on your teen’s X-rays.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Cause Problems?

Not at all. Many wisdom teeth erupt without causing any problems at all. If they’re well aligned and if your teen has good oral hygiene practices and regular trips to the dentist, they may not need removal. However, if the wisdom teeth are angled beneath the gums in such a way that they place pressure on existing teeth, your dentist will probably recommend removal.

What Happens If My Teen’s Wisdom Teeth Must Come Out?

Usually, your dentist in Beaumont, TX will refer your teen to an oral surgeon if they need to have wisdom teeth removed. The surgeon will meet with you and your child for an initial consultation before scheduling surgery. They’ll explain the procedure and may ask whether your teen prefers to be sedated during the procedure. Other options may include the use of local or general anesthesia.

Will My Teen Experience A Lot of Pain After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your teen’s oral surgeon will prescribe pain medication for post-operative discomfort. Generally, the pain associated with wisdom tooth removal is mild to moderate and easily controlled through medication. As long as your teen follows the surgeon’s recommendations for aftercare and follows up when advised, healing should be routine.

If your teen is the right age to begin experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment with Southern Oaks Dental Care in Beaumont, TX, today. The sooner we see your child, the sooner we can resolve any issues. And it’s always better to take care of wisdom teeth before they become painful and cause swelling and discomfort. Call today to schedule a convenient time to see one of our friendly dental professionals.