5 Ways to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist’s Office  

If you have younger children, they may have some discomfort around visiting the dentist. Because the dentist may be a new experience, kids might feel anxious, which can lead to tears. Your dentist in Beaumont , TX is ready to help make your youngster as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips you can use at home, as well.

Let Your Child Choose What to Wear

Let your child wear what they want to visit the dentist. Even if it’s footed pajamas, your dentist won’t mind. Children often feel more secure in certain garments than in others. If your child wants to wear a magic princess dress, a knight Halloween costume or anything else, just allow it.

Bring Teddy Along

You might suggest that your child’s favorite teddy bear or doll go along to the dentist’s office, too. Depending upon the child’s age, maybe teddy has a toothache and needs to visit the dentist? This strategy empowers the child so that they are the ones in charge of ensuring teddy gets the care he needs.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Your child could also have sedation dentistry in Beaumont, TX. This is completely safe for kids and widely used. It’s mild, and the parent can be there next to the child holding their hand as the mild sedative works and the child relaxes.

Visit More Often

Most anxiety in people is alleviated with exposure therapy. The more you bring your child to the dentist, the more comfortable they are likely to be. Even a quick visit to the dentist to pop in and say hi to the friendly staff on your way to another destination can do wonders with making a child realize that the dentist office is a welcoming and friendly place.

Talk it Out

On the way to and from the dentist office, talk to your child about their feelings if they are willing to. On the way to the appointment, ask what they are afraid of. On the way home, review those fears and have the child acknowledge that those fears did not happen.

The staff and dentists at Southern Oaks Dental Care are professionals at pediatric dentistry. We welcome your child, and will do everything we can to help them feel safe and happy during their visit.


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