5 Ways Periodontitis Can Wreck Your Smile

Periodontitis is a form of advanced gum disease that can wreak havoc with your normally beautiful smile. Affecting your gums, teeth, and even the bones that make up your facial structure, this is one condition you don’t want to ignore. Your dentist in Beaumont, TX, can treat periodontitis, helping you avoid some of the worst symptoms of this common dental condition, including:

1. Loss of Permanent Teeth

Periodontitis usually happens when plaque forms on teeth beneath the gum line. If it’s allowed to remain, it can cause infection that’s not only painful but that compromises the health and placement of the affected tooth. This can lead to the loosening or loss of permanent teeth.

2. Receding Gums

Gum tissue may recede from the teeth when you have periodontitis. This means it “backs away” from the tooth it’s holding in place. Aesthetically, this can make teeth appear unusually long, giving them a fang-like appearance. It may also expose the roots and compromise the integrity of the tooth.

3. Formation of Gaps Between Teeth

When gums recede and teeth loosen, this may cause them to shift or move out of place. The result can be bigger-than-average spaces between teeth. Wide spaces between your teeth can give your smile a “gappy” appearance.

4. Open Bite

Open bite is a big problem because it affects your ability to bite and chew. When your upper and lower teeth no longer meet in the front or in the back, enjoying your favorite foods becomes a chore. You may no longer be able to bite into a sandwich, for example. An open bite may also cause speech impediments because your teeth aren’t in the position required to form sounds such as “S” properly.

5. Discolored Gums

If you have periodontitis, your gums may darken or turn color. They may appear bright red, a dusky shade of red, or even purple. This may be apparent when you smile, alerting everyone around you that you have a dental problem.

Fortunately, periodontitis is relatively easy to treat, but it does require the services of a professional. For help with gum disease in Beaumont, TX, call on Southern Oaks Dental Care today. We’ll schedule a convenient time for you to come in and discuss your dental goals.

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