3 Ways Smoking Is Really Bad for Your Smile

If you are part of the population that is still firing up a cigarette when you get the chance, you should know that quitting could be one of the best things you ever do for your oral health. In fact, if you value your smile, you have a really good reason to kick the habit. Take a look at just three of the ways that smoking is really bad for your smile.

Smoking increases your risks of gum disease.

People who smoke are naturally more prone to gum disease. Smoking naturally elevates the temperature of your mouth when you inhale by 0.2° C for 30 minutes afterword. The elevated temperature can contribute to bacterial growth that can encourage infections of the soft tissues in your mouth. Plus, smoking seems to negatively interfere with normal gum tissue cell regeneration.

Smoking puts you at risk of losing your teeth.

Smokers are more likely to lose their teeth than non-smokers. The issues already mentioned are often to blame for smokers losing their teeth. For example, the elevated temperature can lead to excess bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay. According to Delta Dental Insurance, men lose an average of 2.9 teeth per ten years of smoking and women lose 1.5 teeth per ten years of smoking.

Smoking causes stains on the enamel of your teeth.

Nicotine and the tar in cigarettes are known to cause stains on both your clothing and your hands. However, these components in tobacco smoke can also cause stains on the enamel of your teeth. The stains are usually a brownish-yellow color, and they are the result of the tar and yellow nicotine absorbing into microscopic pores on the tooth’s enameled surface. Many people do not understand that even though nicotine is clear, it can actually turn yellow when it is exposed to oxygen, which means even clear nicotine juice or salts used in vape cigarettes can cause stains.

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