Emergency Dentistry

Tooth or Teeth Knocked Out or Loose
Tooth or Teeth Knocked Out

No one wants to lose a tooth when the tooth wasn't supposed to come out, but unfortunately accidents happen and people get a tooth knocked extremely loose or the tooth falls out. When this happens, there are some things you can do to potentially save the tooth.

When a tooth gets knocked out of your mouth, make sure you put the tooth in a glass of milk immediately. This will help protect the tooth for a small period of time while you get yourself to a dentist. Once the tooth is in milk, make sure to call us immediately at 409-835-6257 so we can help you.

If we can see you within two hours of your tooth getting knocked out, there is a decent chance that the tooth can be saved, but no one can promise that a tooth that has been knocked out can be saved. Please remember to bring your tooth with you.