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Teeth Cleanings - Prophylaxis
Teeth Cleaning or Prophylaxis

Personal dental care includes regular teeth cleanings. These help you to avoid dental and medical problems, which include but are not limited to infection, gum disease, loss of bone, stroke, heart disease, among many others. Besides the personal teeth cleaning done at home, you should also have regular check ups at your local dentist's office, including professional cleaning. This removes both the hard and the soft deposits on your teeth, ensuring an overall good oral hygiene.

The frequency with which you should have the professional teeth cleaning exercise done depends on a number of factors, primary to which is your gums and teeth health. For instance, healthy adults and children should have their teeth cleaned every once or twice a year at the very least. A person who smokes cigarettes on the other hand, has high probabilities of getting their gums infected. As a result, they should have more regular professional teeth cleaning sessions. Make sure to ask your dentist how often you should visit them when you make your first visit.

Why Clean Teeth?

To prevent oral cancer, it is important to regularly clean your teeth. During a dental cleaning exercise, your dentist screens you for signs of oral cancer, which can be cured if diagnosed on time. Gum disease can also be diagnosed, treated and reversed if one has regular dental cleanings. If not treated, gum disease can result in to more serious and advanced stages, that may affect the bones and gum tissue. Besides dental cleanings, make sure to floss and brush your teeth daily to prevent gum disease.

During the process of dental cleaning, the dentist removes most of the tobacco, tea and coffee stains. The teeth are also polished for a cute, whiter and brighter smile. An important note is that it is sometimes impossible to properly clean your own teeth and gum, especially in the deep pockets along the tooth roots. This is more so if there is bone recession. To aid with this cleaning, you need a deep tooth cleaning. This removes debris and inflammation, and is also done before a gum surgery is conducted. All said, always ensure that you have adequate teeth cleanings, both at personal and professional levels.

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