Pediatric Dentistry

Promote Dental Health Early, to Children
Promote Dental Health Early to Children

Good habits should begin at an early age. This is a common belief and we don't think otherwise. Dental hygiene practices, such as keeping the mouth clean should be initiated during childhood. This helps children to have a healthy set of dentition and carry on with the oral hygiene practices through adulthood.

The dental care in children should begin ideally much before they are born! The care starts during pregnancy itself. The milk teeth start forming as early as sixth week of pregnancy, while the permanent tooth buds are formed during the twentieth week. Eating nutritious foods during pregnancy is important for the teeth, as it requires several minerals and other nutrients, for its formation.

Caring of teeth should be initiated as soon as they appear in the mouth. Therefore, the first visit to the dentist should be soon after the teeth start appearing. Your dentist can have a look at them and also evaluate the gums and the mouth. The dentist will also educate you about the teething process and the care of milk teeth. Initially cleaned with a moist cloth, brushing (without toothpaste) of the milk teeth can be started at the age of one year.

Providing an environment where children learn about dental health is an essential step in promoting better dental health. There are a variety of dental procedures available to improve the dental health of children and prevent the occurrence of dental disorders.

Milk teeth or the primary dentition are important for a number of reasons. Along with helping children chew food, the teeth also serve as space maintainers for the permanent set of dentition. Early loss of teeth can affect the eruption pattern or position of permanent teeth, which may require correction at a later age by an Orthodontist. Visit our office to know more about ways to promote dental health in children and how you can prevent dental disorders.

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