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Children's Dentistry - Help Them Feel Comfortable

Children need care that is equivalent to that needed in adults, when it comes to maintenance of teeth and oral health. They are also considered under the special group of patients who need to be treated with additional care. Children are generally afraid of hospital environments and are hence quite anxious about dental care. Therefore, it becomes important to help them overcome their anxiety and fears related to dental care.

One of the initial steps toward this is to provide a comfortable environment. Children feel comfortable in spacious and bright colored rooms. Having some colorful wall paintings also adds to it. Presence of a television screen can also act as a distraction medium, helping them not to worry too much about dental procedures.

Our dental clinic is well equipped to handle children with dental needs. Our doctors follow a well established technique for making children comfortable while undergoing dental treatment. They follow the "tell, show and do" technique, which is widely advised for children. This involves providing explanation to the child about the problem, for which he/she is being treated, the instruments that are going to be used for the treatment and how the procedure is going to feel. This helps reduce anxiety in children and make them more comfortable before the treatment is begun. We also follow many other similar techniques to make the dental experience an enjoyable one, rather than an uncomfortable one.

The dentists and the allied staff at our clinic are well trained and understand that every child has a different emotional need. The approach to the child is modified accordingly, to ensure that the child doesn't feel traumatized during any of the dental procedures. Maintaining such an environment helps the child to develop a positive attitude towards oral health. Bring your child for a visit and we will ensure that it becomes a special visit for him/her.

If you have any questions about Children's Dentistry and what we can do to help your child feel safe at a dental office, please call us at 409-835-6257. We look forward to serving the needs of you and your family.