Orthodontic Clear Braces
Orthodontic Clear Braces

Clear braces are the answer for individuals who have been advised to undergo orthodontic correction of teeth abnormalities, but are worried about the metallic appearance. Usually made of ceramic or other tooth colored materials, clear braces are inconspicuous compared to the traditional metal braces.

Abnormalities in the alignment of the teeth generally require correction with orthodontic braces. These remain fixed on the teeth until the completion of the treatment and are often avoided for the metallic appearance. People are often worried about the "metallic smile," while undergoing orthodontic therapy which may last for a period of six months to one full year. While some cases may be corrected with the use of removable appliances, many need a 'fixed' orthodontic therapy. Students, models, individuals involved in public relations are ones who are afraid or conscious about this, and tend to suffer from the abnormality, rather than getting it corrected.

Clear braces offers to eliminate this fear. Clear braces, which are attached to the teeth until the completion of the therapy, are made from ceramic or other material, which are either white or clear. Therefore, the metallic appearance of traditional braces is overcome. The wires used to straighten the teeth may be either traditional ones or clear wires. The use of these minimizes the conspicuity of the braces, thereby helping the individuals wear it without worrying about the 'metallic smile.' Clear braces are also considered as a style statement by many models and young adults. With the use of clear braces, one can now undergo the traditional orthodontic treatment without being afraid or anxious about its appearance.

The duration of the treatment and methods of treatment remains the same. To know more about clear braces and how it can help you undergo the orthodontic treatment without being conscious about it, give us a call at 409-835-6257 to schedule your orthodontic consult today!