Orthodontic Color Braces
Orthodontic Color Braces

Color braces have made orthodontic treatment fun. The braces that are attached to the teeth and wires that run through them are now available in different colors. Color braces are a hit both, among children and adults. Made of similar material as clear braces, they offer the same results as traditional braces.

Children are often afraid or worried about the metallic appearance imparted by the traditional orthodontic braces. Color braces make the orthodontic treatment interesting for the children and they tend to accept it more readily. Many adults who like to experiment with colors can try out this option instead of traditional braces as well.

A color wheel, which lists the types of colors of the braces, can be used to select the best color that matches you. It may be your favorite color, the color of your country's flag, school color, the color of your favorite sports team, or any other specific relation you may think of. Children usually like brighter colors while adults prefer darker colors. These braces are accepted more widely than the traditional braces and can also be carried as a style statement.

The color of the elastic rings that are used to hold the wires within the braces can also be changed. These elastics may be chosen based on the color of the braces or your favorite choices. The use of color braces makes your teeth more vibrant than the traditional appearance.

Here are a few tips for choosing the color of your braces. Darker colors tend to make the teeth appear whiter. Lighter colors on the contrary, tend to give a yellowish appearance to the teeth. Use a color matcher card to check the compatibility of the color you have chosen. Visit us to color up your orthodontic treatment! Call us at 409-835-6257 to schedule your Orthodontic consultation. We look forward to meeting you!