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The types of dental procedures required in children are almost to the same extent as in adults. Milk teeth or the primary dentition requires the same magnitude of care as their permanent successors. Children commonly present with a wide variety of dental needs due to a number of factors governing the health of their dentition.

While adults are mostly aware of the importance of teeth and its maintenance, children are generally unaware of these aspects. This can lead to an increased incidence of caries and calculus formation in children. Additionally, children are fond of sweetened and sticky foods which are highly cariogenic (can cause dental caries, or cavities). Therefore, procedures such as fillings are commonly required in children to prevent the further progress of cavities.

Improper brushing is also common in children which results in accumulation of plaque and calculus on their teeth. If left unattended, it can lead to dental caries and gum infections. Therefore, visits to the dental office may be required to get the teeth cleaned and create awareness about oral hygiene.

Infection of the pulp tissues as a result of severe caries is also common in children. Endodontic procedures such as pulpotomy, pulpectomy or root canal therapy may often be needed in such cases. Such treatments are delivered under great care to ensure that the child is free from pain, both during and after the procedure. Left untreated, it can lead to occurrence of swelling, pain and fracture of the affected tooth/teeth.

Another common problem noted in children is the habits such as mouth breathing or thumb sucking. Although a normal phenomenon which tends to cease as children grow older, persistence of this habit can result in misalignment of the permanent teeth. Early identification and correction of these habits is required to prevent such problems.

Milk teeth are equally important as the permanent teeth, and need to be cared for until the permanent teeth begin erupting. Bring your child for dental evaluation, so we can help your children maintain a healthy smile.

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